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Enter NOW to win!

I’m very close to my goal for this month — so we are running a CONTEST!

TWO ways to enter!

1. Sign up as a SendOutCards customer (9.80/mo subscription – cancel at any time) and you will receive one entry into the drawing. Watch this video. www.sendoutcards.com/29723

2. Send me a referral and you will receive one entry into the drawing.

Contest runs until Noon 3/31 (very short timeframe – enter NOW).

Winner from random drawing will receive their choice of Sea Salt Caramels, Pumpkin Caramels, Salted Nut Mix, or Yogurt Pretzels in a Gift Box – ready to give, or keep and enjoy! To receive your entry, message me with your customer info, and/or your referral.

If there are over 20 entries, we will have 2 drawings, over 30 entries, we’ll have 3 drawings!

Check out these mouth-watering prizes! Enter NOW! Go to http://www.sendoutcards.com/29723



Our Products


Does your business need more referrals?

In your personal life, do you wish you could stay in touch with your family and friends, not forgetting their birthdays and anniversaries?

Do you ever think of someone and want to just say “hi – how have you been” … but it’s just not convenient to write them a quick, uplifting message, find an envelope and stamp, and get it in the mail?


Foreign Language Fonts Available

SendOutCards has launched a new feature … multi-lingual font capability!

Now you can send heartfelt greetings in Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese!

To use the new “soft” keyboard, go to the card catalog and click on the card you want. When you open the card, the menu will show the soft keyboard, which you can use to insert special characters in the language of your choice!

Languages available

Spanish characters

A Card In The Mail

Halloween Gifts Now Available!

SendOutCards has never had such an exciting collection of October gifts. Make sure to remind your organization that Halloween is just around the corner! To see a complete selection, just go to the “Seasonal Gifts” category when sending a card. Here’s a few of our favorites:

Hairy Scary Spider Cookie Mix:

Bake your own spider cookies for Halloween! This is a great family activity during the month of October and a favorite for kids of all ages.

Halloween “Spiderweb” Pizza Kit:

Get creative and make your own dessert pizza! Another great activity for Halloween get-togethers.

Pumpkin Salt and Pepper Shakers:

Festive, adorable, and perfect for your Fall décor. Definitely a holiday favorite!

Sample of Halloween/October Gifts

Sample of Halloween/October Gifts