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Father’s Day Card & Gift — fully personalized card, travel mug and Starbucks gift card

Father's Day card and 16 oz mug gift set

Father’s Day is coming!

Fully personalize your card:

  • Choose from dozens of Father’s Day cards!
  •  Customize your card with a personal message.
  •  Even add photos at no additional charge!

The Gift includes:

  • a 16 oz reactive glaze Travel Mug with silicone grip and lid
  • Also included is a $5 Starbucks gift card!

Ship directly to Dad, or have this fabulous card and gift delivered to yourself for personal delivery on Father’s Day.

$29.95 & $5 shipping/handling

Order by June 7th for delivery before Father’s Day


Why oh Why?

Why take 1 minute to send a card to someone today? Maybe you received an order for your product or service. In our world of email and text messages, differentiate yourself by sending a actual, physical greeting card through the postal service! Send an “old-fashioned” card to thank your customer and let them know how much you appreciate them. Maybe you’re thinking — it’s going to take more than 1 minute to go to the card shop, buy a card, find their address, get a stamp, and get that card into the mail. Well not anymore! This unique system makes it quick and easy, and costs 1/5 less than a card from your local card shop! http://www.acardinthemail.com

Happy Monday! Here’s a reason to send a card today.

Happy Monday!! Here’s a reason to send a card: Thank someone who has helped you recently. Sometimes we are stuck in a certain situation and can’t figure out a straight-forward solution. Then, someone comes along and gives us a helping hand. Has this happened to you recently? Send that person a card and thank them for helping at just the right time, and just the right way!


A reason to send a card

Thank them for a gift — Send a card with a photo showing you with the gift. Thanking the giver will make them smile all day!
Here are some examples of cute, simple thank you cards:

Our Products


Does your business need more referrals?

In your personal life, do you wish you could stay in touch with your family and friends, not forgetting their birthdays and anniversaries?

Do you ever think of someone and want to just say “hi – how have you been” … but it’s just not convenient to write them a quick, uplifting message, find an envelope and stamp, and get it in the mail?


Two More Tips for Holiday Card Sending

Two More Tips:

3. Send your cards early. Don’t wait until the last minute!

What happens during the Holidays? Holiday parties! If your Christmas card is first, and it is fun and interesting, it will definitely go on display. When people come over for the Holiday party many more of them will see your card and have an opportunity to pick it up. If you send your card late there may not be any room left on the shelf for your card. Not only that, but your card may arrive after the Holiday parties are all done. By procrastinating and sending your cards late you may have missed an opportunity for free referrals.

Personally I send my Holiday cards around Thanksgiving so they arrive at the end of November or beginning of December. I want my clients to receive my card first. I want them to know I put extra special thought an attention in this. I don’t want them think I waited until the last minute. My clients “feel” like I care about them, because I do!

4. Send yourself a test card NOW.

Since we’re talking about custom card designs it is important to send yourself a test card now. Don’t wait until the last minute.

That way you have an opportunity to proof it and make changes before you send it to your clients. There is nothing worse than sending out 300 cards to clients only to realize you had an obvious misspelling or that your photo was too close to the edge of the card and didn’t print correctly. You can also find problems that weren’t obvious when you designed the card. You may find that your photos were too dark or that the photos you used were too small and didn’t enlarge well. This gives you an opportunity to correct those mistakes before you send them out.

Try the service we use for our custom Holiday cards and send two complimentary cards to see how easy the system is to use:


New Page! Holiday Card Tips

Check out the first of 6 holiday card sending tips!

Foreign Language Fonts Available

SendOutCards has launched a new feature … multi-lingual font capability!

Now you can send heartfelt greetings in Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese!

To use the new “soft” keyboard, go to the card catalog and click on the card you want. When you open the card, the menu will show the soft keyboard, which you can use to insert special characters in the language of your choice!

Languages available

Spanish characters

A Card In The Mail

New Gifts! For Halloween and (aack) Christmas!

New Gifts at SOC:

Nutcracker Figurines

These 9-inch figurines are the perfect decoration for the holidays!

Naughty or Nice Hat

A festive and fun Santa hat. One side reads “naughty,” the other side “nice.”

Santa Marble Cake

Disguised as a cake, this decorative item becomes a hand towel once opened!


*Check out the “Seasonal” gift category to view additional Halloween, Christmas, and other holiday gifts.